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    Staging Your Petersburg Area or Chesterfield Home to Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar

    BedroomStaging is an effective method to show your Petersburg area or Chesterfield County real estate in a way that will appeal to a variety of potential buyers. It helps your home look tidy, spacious, and ready to move in!

    Below are some of the top mistakes sellers make when they are preparing their house for the market:

    • Don’t go it alone. Get advice from others on what looks neat and organized. Get your Realtor’s® advice, or if selling on your own, have a trusted third party walk the home with you and point out areas that look cluttered or cramped.
    • There is no need to make extensive renovations or replace all the furniture. Keep things simple and your investments small. Updates to paint, replacing light fixtures or changing out pillows or bedcovers can all go a long way to giving your home an updated look without major expense.
    • Leave out personal items and knick-knacks. Be sure to remove family photos, school projects and other personal items that might make it hard for a new family to envision themselves living in the space.
    • If you need some inspiration, visit a few model homes for sale for ideas on attractive staging. Open up heavy curtains with tie backs and make sure that your furniture isn’t in the way of creating, bright open spaces. If you need to take some things out, try temporary storage.
    • Avoid painting with dark or intense colors. Keep your wall and flooring colors to neutral, adaptable tones. Even if bright or varied color palettes are trendy, they are too much for most prospective buyers.
    • Avoid over-staging with accessories. Over the top accessories, including flowers, scents, and home décor items not only make it look like you are trying too hard, they can detract from the real form and functionality of your house.

    When staging your Petersburg area or Chesterfield County home to sell, keep it simple! Let people be able to envision their own belongings there and have them ponder all the possibilities in making this their dream home.

    Amayzing Home Finder