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    Chesterfield County Schools – Preparing Our Children For Success!

    Whenever you’re searching for a new home, one of the many factors that you are likely to take into consideration is the reputation of your new home’s school systems. Regardless of whether you already have children or you are planning on starting a family in the future, this can weigh heavy on your decision to purchase new real estate. And with good reason! A great school system and its reputation can have an important impact on the success of your child’s future. When searching for the perfect home in Chesterfield, VA, parents and parents-to-be can rest assured that their child’s education is in the best possible hands.

    Chesterfield VA County Schools LogoThe school system of Chesterfield County is based on the Design for Excellence 2020 strategic plan, which was recently passed by the Chesterfield County School Board in November 2012. This plan—which was in development for over two years—was assembled by educators, parents, community leaders and business representatives, who all worked together on “innovation teams” in order to map out the future of the school system of Chesterfield County, with specific goals in mind for the roughly sixty thousand students in the area. The plan is focused on teaching students necessary skills for a successful life by showing how a combination of blended, project-based and service learning strategies will “change the face of education” in Chesterfield County. These fundamental goals are:

    Goal 1: All learners will acquire, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information to solve meaningful problems and to achieve success as productive, thriving global citizens

    Goal 2: All learners will demonstrate the 21st century learning and technology skills and knowledge that will prepare them for success in school, postsecondary education, work and life in a global society

    Goal 3: Working in partnership with school and family, all learners will understand, model and embrace the important attitudes and attributes necessary to be responsible global citizens

    For more information, please follow this link to the Chesterfield County Public Schools website.

    Though reading through this new education plan provides parents with an adequate vision of the direction that Chesterfield County Public Schools are heading in the future, statistics and facts are comforting to those who’d like to know where the school system is coming from; these stats and facts have shown time and time again that Chesterfield County schools are efficient and effective. According to the school system website, an efficiency audit performed in 2010 found Chesterfield County Public Schools to be operating at 99.3 percent, and Standard and Poor’s comparison of reading and math proficiency with money spent ranked Chester County schools third our of Virginia’s 15 largest localities. Speaking of money, Chesterfield County keeps its cost per student low, with just nine school divisions third out of Virginia’s 132 ranking lower in per-pupil costs in 2010—quite a feat for being one of the country’s 100 largest school systems!

    Surely, it’s a comfort to parents looking for real estate to know that the schools in Chesterfield County have their child’s best interests in mind. So whether you’re searching for a new home or casually browsing Chesterfield County real estate, know that should you decide to make this lovely corner of central Virginia your home your child’s educational success is the utmost priority to the Chesterfield County public school system!

    School Information for Chesterfield County by GreatSchools.com

    Contact me for more school information and for assistance with Chesterfield VA homes for sale.