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Fort Lee VA Clubs & Organizations

We offer this information as a service to our visitors. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

Several clubs and professional organizations at Fort Lee are open to both military and civilians. Clubs must register with MWR. For more info on membership, call (804) 734-7156.

Army Quartermaster Foundation, Inc.
Nancy Bain
P.O. Box A
Fort Lee, VA 23801
(804) 734-4339

Association of the U.S. Army Robert E. Lee Chapter
Kim Powers
P.O. Box 5506
Fort Lee, VA 23801
(804) 734-0595

Fort Lee NCO/EM Spouses’ and Civilians’ Club
Betty Speaks
P.O. Box 5183
Fort Lee, VA 23801

Fort Lee Officers’ and Civilians’ Spouses’ Club
Melanie Poole
P.O. Box 5081
Fort Lee, VA 23801
(804) 530-0396

Mid-Virginia Radio Club, Inc.
Bill Lepley
3904 Maripose Dr.
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
(804) 541-6402

National Association of Military Retirees
J.D. Riggleman or Earl Shepherd
P.O. Box 3253
Petersburg, VA 23805
(804) 861-2625

Boy Scouts of America
Gertrud Mott gmott@sent.com
3901 A Ave., Suite 220
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1809
(804) 734-0325

Fort Lee Cub Scout Pack
Gertrud Mott
(804) 734-0325

Girl Scouts of America
Kelly Mathis
Field Executive, Tri-Cities
2801 Blvd., Suite F
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
(804) 520-5577

The Theatre Company at Fort Lee
P.O. Box 5353
Fort Lee, VA 23801

Tri-City Toastmaster Club #8662
John Rodgers
1304 Oakwood Dr
Colonial Heights, VA 23834-2932
(804) 765-4117

U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association,
Crater Chapter

CW5 James Tolbert
P.O. Box 5032
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1601
(804) 734-3702

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