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    Colonial Heights VA Homes

    When many people think of the Eastern U.S. Seaboard, they often think of the most prevalent style home – colonial. But in truth, Colonial Heights VA homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit your particular lifestyle. What does that mean exactly? Let’s discuss the different styles of Colonial Heights VA homes on the market today.

    Styles In Colonial Heights VA Homes

    It would be misleading to say that Colonial Heights VA homes aren’t dominated by the Colonial style, which is a two-story structure that looks like an elongated rectangle. These types of homes can vary in their appearance though, thanks to dormers at the second or even third level. This addition provides a distinctive accent that makes Colonials unique from one another.

    Aside from the traditional Colonial style home, you’ll also find the ranch style – a dwelling that’s characterized by its one story. Although it’s not true of all ranch styles, many of these Colonial Heights VA homes also come with porches at the front of the home, rather than just a landing.

    Given the hilly terrain of the area some Colonial Heights VA homes are split-level. That means that upon entry you have two directions you can go – up or down. This style is a popular favorite because they often feature two living areas – one upstairs and one downstairs. So if you love your children, but want to have a ‘grown-up’ retreat, then split-levels make an excellent choice.

    These are just three styles out of many you’ll find. So take a few moments to see what’s offered in Colonial Heights VA homes and then contact me today. I’ll be happy to show you everything that fits your particular lifestyle.

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