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    Chesterfield County Business Climate

    The Thriving Business Environment of Chesterfield County, Virginia

    Business is often the reason that an individual or a family moves to a new area, whether they’re being relocated by their current employer or venturing into the world of small business ownership. When you’re looking for real estate in Chesterfield County, knowing a bit about the area’s economy and job market are often important pieces of information to consider. With a bustling economy and proximity to the state’s capital in Richmond, Chesterfield County is a great place to start or grow your new business.

    Chester County VA real estate and job climate

    The government of Chesterfield County is committed to economic development, which is reflected in the Business First Chesterfield plan, an extension of Business First of Greater Richmond plan. This business outreach initiative includes the Chesterfield County Economic Development, the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc., the Greater Richmond Chamber, and economic development professionals in Hanover County, Henrico County and the City of Richmond, and is based on the principal that “everyone wins when local businesses are successful.” A key economic development initiative of the plan focuses on face-to-face interviews with executives of existing businesses, generally sending a volunteer—who is also a fellow member of the Chesterfield business community—to interview business owners to determine areas that businesses view as obstacles that hinder their ability to operate efficiently. These questions are designed to help formulate programs and services to address concerns that are identified. Because existing business account for a majority of new economic activity, the Business First plan intends to use dialogue from these interviews to help economic, community and workforce development professionals better understand individual businesses, as well as their needs. In Chesterfield County, a strong regional economy not only bolsters existing businesses but also helps attract new investment and qualified employees.

    Although it is important to understand the inner workings of the economy of Chesterfield County, it is also good to know that large companies have a strong presence in and around Chesterfield. Last year, Amazon announced that it would be building not one, but TWO new facilities in the area, both large distribution centers: the center in Chesterfield for processing smaller item orders, with larger orders being processed at the Dinwiddie facility. With a large company like Amazon moving to the area, 1,000 new jobs were created, helping to grow the economy and job market of the area significantly.

    With new job opportunities and a healthy, vibrant economy focused on fostering the growth of local businesses, it is clear to see why so many are moving to the area of Chesterfield County. Remember that your perfect piece of real estate in this affluent corner of central Virginia is ready and waiting for you to discover it!

    For more information regarding the economic environment of Chesterfield County, including tools and resources for business owners, please visit Chesterfield Business.com.