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    Home Buyer Responsibilities

    first time home buyerIf you're purchasing Petersburg area or Chesterfield County real estate, you should have an active role in the escrow process. You shouldn’t wait for the seller to volunteer information; ask questions and stay on top of things yourself! Take steps with your agent to protect yourself.
    For example, when you review the Transfer and Disclosure Statement, TDS, keep an eye out for questions answered “unknown” or left unanswered. Ask about them until you are satisfied with the answers.

    Let’s talk about your specific concerns or plans for the your Petersburg or Chesterfield County real estate property. Concerned about the open parcel behind the house? Ask about it!

    You may also wish to investigate the following non-physical conditions, including:

    • Governmental zoning, requirements and limitations
    • Governmental permits, inspections or certificates
    • Limitations, restrictions and requirements affecting use of the property
    • Rent and occupancy control
    • Schools
    • Proximity and adequacy of law enforcement, crime statistics, proximity of registered sex offenders (see section on Megan’s Law) and other criminals
    • Proximity to fire, police and other services
    • Proximity to commercial, industry or agricultural activities
    • Existing and proposed transportation, construction and development, which may affect noise, view or traffic, airport noise, or odor
    • Wild and domestic animals, other nuisances, hazards or circumstancs

    For Further Protection – Home Warranties

    Home warranties have become a more popular option on homes for sale. For protection you may wish to have a home warranty that either you or the seller pays for. (It’s negotiable.) Warranties range in price from $300 – $600 and, for a fixed rate, generally cover limited aspects including plumbing, electrical, pest control and a host of other related areas. If you have a problem, generally you’ll pay $35-$50 to have a professional come out inspect and fix problems that are covered. Warranty agents typically are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls in emergencies.

    Remember to keep these responsibilities in mind when you buy Chesterfield County real estate.

    Amayzing Home Finder