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    Chesterfield County Real Estate: What do you do when your find Your A-May-zing Home?

    Posted By @ Oct 30th 2011 9:25pm In: Chesterfield County Real Estate

    Making an Offer

    Have you been searching for perfect Chesterfield county real estate? After house hunting for a while, you’ll eventually find one you want to buy.  It should fit your needs and the price will be in your ballpark.  However, buying a home is not like going to the store and buying a pair of pants.  It is certainly more involved than buying a car- and more important.  Rather, it is a matter of give and take, of negotiation.  Don’t let the word “negotiation” scare you.  It is just part of the whole process.  Normally, you will make an offer to the seller.  It can be for the full price and terms the seller is asking, for less, or even for more!

    The big question is always what you offer.  You already know the seller’s asking price.  But what price are you going to offer and how do you come up with that figure?

    Determining your offer price is a multiple-step process.

    First, you look at recent sales of similar properties to come up with a price range.  Then, you analyze additional data, such as the condition of the home, improvements made to the property, current market conditions, and the circumstances of the seller.  This will help you settle on a price you think would be fair to pay for the home.  Finally, depending on your negotiating style, you can adjust your “fair” price and come up with what you want to put in your offer and having a knowledgeable realtor on your team, can make this process less stressful and more fun and can get you into A-May-zing Chesterfield county real estate even quicker.

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