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    Are You About to Expire?

    Posted By @ Nov 12th 2011 11:24pm In: Petersburg VA Real Estate

    Are You Selling Petersburg VA Real Estate?

    A listing contract on a South Central Virginia house for sale has a termination date. If the house reaches this date without being sold, it is called an ‘expired’ listing meaning it is no longer for sale under the previous contract. The end of June historically is a time when many listing contracts come to termination. There will be a record number of homes in this category this month as the housing market continues to struggle.

    If you are one of these homeowners, you have a decision to make. Today, we will go over your options and comment on each.

    You Can Extend the Listing with Your Current Agent

    The housing market has been tough. Selling a house has never been as difficult as it has been recently. Honestly evaluate the job your current agent has done. If they have been honest with their input and diligent with their feedback, you may consider extending the contract.  

    You Can Decide to ‘For Sale by Owner’

    This is usually not a good option. There were reasons you originally decided to use the services of a real estate professional. These same reasons probably still exist. If you truly want a third party to help with the transaction but are disappointed in the job your original agent did, perhaps you should choose a new agent. After receiving a bad haircut, we usually don’t decide to cut our own hair. We switch hairstylists.

    You Can Choose a New Listing Agent

    You know the things the original agent didn’t do that disappointed you. You also know the things he/she did do that annoyed you. Keep both lists in your head and ask those you interview how they would handle the situations differently.

    You Can Take the House ‘Off-the-Market’

    Be careful! Of course you are disappointed it didn’t sell. However, before making this decision, remember the reasons you originally put the house up for sale. If these reasons still are important to you and your family, don’t let a slow housing market get in the way of moving on with your goals and dreams. Sit with a real estate professional and decide what is best for your future.

    Bottom Line

    If your listing contract is about to expire, make sure you contemplate your next move before making a decision.

    Article from KCM Blog


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